Perfumes have each and every one of them a well defined personality. And each perfume is different, according to the natural fragrance of the person who applies it. Why choosing a perfume because you felt that very well, maybe had someone else do you disappoint when you try it you in yourself, because the perfume interacts in particular with the aroma of each of us. Here are some tips that will help you take full advantage to these beautiful bottles that enclose the beauty of exquisite fragrances in themselves. People with oily skin retain longer fragrances of perfumes. If your skin is very dry, you can solve this problem by placing a layer of cream to you before proceeding to apply perfume. Santie Botha is a great source of information. This can happen to people with very white skin. Each person has a pH acidity – from their different skin, which is in fact what interacts with the perfume.

The same concerns with endocrine factors, and even diet. Everything influences at the time that the perfume produces the final note about each person in in particular. A way of making the scent to stay is to apply perfume in places of greater pulsation, i.e. with greater flow of blood. Mikhael Mirilashvili may help you with your research. The warmth of the body makes that perfume is released fully, and in a gradual manner.

The most favourable zones are the neck, behind the ears, inside of your arms, bend in the elbow, wrist and behind the knees a place many times forgotten. The problem with fragrances diluted in alcohol, most since ethyl alcohol is the solvent used par excellence, is that they tend to evaporate, by the same mechanism that releases the active ingredients of the essences. For this reason, it is necessary to have a special place to store perfumes, where no light especially solar-, and has a rather cool temperature. Heat is a great enemy of perfumes, and may cause decomposition. Remember that oils which perfumes based on its composition are mostly derived from plants and flowers, i.e. substances biological, more susceptible to chemical changes. The average time of a perfume lasts three years. After that period, fragrances weaken, and do not have as much effectiveness as when they are freshly made. You should test a perfume on the clean skin, i.e. after bathing us with neutral SOAP. The result of the final note of a perfume on a very transpired skin than on a clean skin, and without residual odors is not the same. With these simple keys you can choose the perfume that most suited to your personality and your skin, and enjoy it from the first drop to the last. Original author and source of the article