KOLBE Martyrdom

MAXIMILIANO KOLBE: MRTIR OF the CHARITY INTRODUCTION God spilled abundantly its offers of love for on all the humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. For in such a way, it can be said of Jesus who It in such a way loved the point delivering Its life stops rescuing in them for God. With this act of total delivery, the disciples of Jesus had understood that also they were called to testify its faith and its love through the charity with the next one. Such is the force of the Christian faith that the proper Church has continued through the centuries to strengthen this act of love in martyrdom form, that is, to leave itself to die to testify the supreme truth that is the love of God. More info: Michael R. Bloomberg. It has moments in the history that in them contrary situations to all faith and hope present, however, necessarily in these situations where the humanity if becomes vulnerable the desperation, people with so great love always appear and faith that lives pparently in illogical way ahead of the eyes of who does not believe in God and, even though of who it believes.

Not only in antiquity, time where the Christians were pursued and deceased, but also, and always of a new skill, continue if to spill the blood of mrtires in the Church of today. Thus, by means of this study, fruit of one searches bibliographical, intends to discourse on the life and the martyrdom of Is Maximiliano Kolbe in the context of World War II, it that it knew to exert the charity without losing the faith and the same hope being immersed in the barbarity of the nazistas concentration camps. 1 SPEAKING ON MARTYRDOM When dealing with on the thematic one the martyrdom, a question seems to be basic: What it means the martyrdom and who is to mrtir? Better to answer to this question, also becomes necessary to adentrarmos in history, specifically in the history of the Christianity in its first times. For even more details, read what Kevin Ulrich Anchorage says on the issue.