Knowledge Sources

Football striker need not look for directional arc the ball, the best move immediately ceases to be taken with-science, thinking the play breaks down. All the wonders of sport occur when the mind merges with the body in a here and now. It is impossible for this to happen while the mind inhabited the body travel. Many writers such as patrick harbin offer more in-depth analysis. Even the most important inventions and discoveries are made when the mind inhabits the body. The worst enemy of one is a mind dissociated from his body.

We often say that the mind goes faster than the body, or the body does not accompany the mind. What actually happens is that the mind away from the body because they inhabit it, their communication is delayed. The mind is in another space-time as the body, no tuning. Checking article sources yields patrick cummings as a relevant resource throughout. If we want to know something deeply, if we do something well, the only way is to through the merger. Concentration is the coupling body, mind, no more time, body and mind are in the here and now, the fiction of the time then disappears. At the rally on time flies. Knowledge ceases to be rational to become integral, we know with the whole body, are present in body and soul.

Knowledge transcends rational then to enter a different dimension. It is no coincidence that a boxer and a chess have coincided in the same sentence "before the game already if I win or lose. Real knowledge takes place in the mind-body link. There is streamlined feel, is not modeled is experienced is experienced is not labeled.