Know The Price Of Your Dreams

Imagine yourself living the life of your dreams, you have achieved and are achieving all that one day you proposed. You are very happy to enjoy complete financial freedom that lets you do everything you want. You have achieved an enviable balance in all your aspects never before achieved. Is it really that is what more do you want? and the most important question “Are you willing to pay the highest price for it? Do you know how dreams are worth? and What is the price you should be paying on a daily basis in order to achieve and not remain merely “wants”? Of course there is an answer that will allow you to be aware of this reality that we all face every day: Walking post of our dreams and build every day. After knowing the price, will not let you spend hours in vain, but always doing something that leads you toward what you want. There is a simple way. Pay close attention. Determine exactly how much you need at least a month.

Let us assume any amount, say $ 2000. This would mean that each week would have to do 2000 / 4 = $ 500. If you work five days a week, would be 500 / 5 = $ 100 per day. If every day you work an average of 8 hours a day, then: Every hour I represent 100 / 8 = $ 12.5 In this case, for every hour you let it pass without doing something productive, something that leads you to what you will represent $ 12.5 your finances . Are you using your time productively? Remember, this is just a simple example.

But you and I know that the value of our dreams is a lot bigger, a career, a new home, auto latest model, invest in a business, etc, etc, all of that together, your dreams better than anyone what knows. If you exercise to stay with no doubts, you will find that adding the value of your most longed for dreams, what we now want to “one day” you might be needing to win in “An hour.” What is the hourly rate of your freedom Financial? “What you are doing now, we’re driving toward what you want? How much longer will stop spending to focus on what really fills your life satisfaction in activities that really matter? How much downtime you’ve been missing out or are missing out while maintaining the balance? As a final recommendation if you’re still thinking that focus most of your time: 1) Develop your strengths to the fullest. Work on them, you know better than anyone, know that you are really good and you do it with pleasure. 2) Specialize in something related to those skills and strengths. Anything you like, but Focus and do it. This way you’ll be ready for the following: 3) Turn that knowledge into services that help thousands of people get what they want by what you can do your best. 4) Turn your downtime into productive time and have fun while doing it.