Insurance Companies

Most of the clients of insurance companies do not want to face higher auto insurance premiums, so they do whatever is necessary to get discounts: obey traffic laws, driving cautiously, etc. They can even take a course that will update them in terms of extra discounts offered by the insurer. However, there is always the risk that have to file a claim. If you know what are the most common types of claim for insurance companies, you can make an effort to avoid some of these situations. Here are the seven most common claims for insurers today: 1.-small accidents. Normally this kind of mishaps involving another vehicle in which it is nobody hurt. The damage is minor and is nothing more than a few pesos.

Believe it or not, this type of claims can increase your premiums with the insurer. 2 Whiplash. This medical problem may involve some serious costs. The claim of the spinal column requires a few shakes of the neck, which usually not very cheap. 3 Back injury.

After the whiplash, back injuries are the most common in car accidents and can range from something as simple as a tense muscle to a herniated disc. 4. Damage to the windshield. These can be caused by accidents or be the product of a stone which flies from under the car. Usually, this type of demand has a high-deductible and its repair is expensive. 5 Theft. Many insurers will give you a discount on their premiums if you install additional security systems. 6 Vandalism. Depending on where you live, vandalism can be a problem. Are reports of vandalism high in the area where you live? Then you can expect to pay more for your car insurance. 7. Collisions with animals. If you live in a country or rural area, it is possible that you will find with wild animals like cows, sheep, etc.