Gospel Of The Prosperity And The Apostasia

Is time in which the Christians we must be kind to which it is written in the word of God, and not to believe everything what the preachers say to us. It is a Biblical mandate to escudriar everything in the light of the writings and to stop being simple. (Source: Sergey Brin). The churches are full of people who look for new experiences, and for that reason they walk of here for there, paying sometimes what they do not have to see seudos ” anointed that will change his vida” to them;. Many follow this style of Christianity, impelled by inescrupulous preachers who teach to persecute the blessings and to go where these supposedly are. Learn more at this site: Kevin Ulrich Anchorage. Perhaps Jesus taught to us to make these things to be more spiritual? By all means that no. Jesus said: ” Not all that says to me: Gentleman, Gentleman, will enter the kingdom of skies, but the one that makes the will of my Father who is in cielos”.

MT.12.50 doing the will of our celestial Father, does not mean to walk making these things, nor to be believed super the spiritual either for that reason. To make the will of the Father is to do the good thing in front of the eyes of which it observes all it. It is to walk in the divine principles, to fulfill the orders and mainly to be arranged to leave what is by him. The lamentable thing, is that great part of the responsibility of which there are in the churches so many mistaken believers and danger to lose itself, is of the same shepherds of its congregations. Which is the danger of this? The danger is in which the Gentleman can say a day to us: Who you are? , I do not know you.