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Memory expert relies regularly on nutrients for the brain scientists and student representatives complain about the mental burden of students in recent years increasingly exposed. The growing pressure on the labour market and tougher course conditions have exacerbated this problem. Connect with other leaders such as Kevin Ulrich anchorage here. More and more students and young workers try to push their mental capacity with prescription medications”despite any harmful side effects. To offer these people an alternative, the company brought white wall of Berlin special capsules named “BrainEffect” on the market, which can be ordered at… The product is not a drug, but a dietary supplement and therefore does not have a prescription. BrainEffect aims, to ensure an optimal supply of selected natural substances that are important for the function of the nerves and brain. In addition, the product contains special activating Natural product extracts; E.g.

a Guarana-plant extract, stimulating, energizing and refreshing acting – ideal for people who are mentally especially encouraged. The young Berlin company also mental athletes want to give an alternative to illicit or pharmaceutical means with BrainEffect. Because among chess players, gamers and memory athletes a fierce debate about the so-called “brain doping” with such (prescription) drugs in progress already, especially in the United States. White wall now hopes that the introduction of BrainEffect the debate on the artificial brain doping and instead a stronger awareness of natural resource is created. For this, BrainEffect receives prominent support.

The 2007 World memory champion, 8 times German Champion and multiple world record holder, Dr. Gunther Karsten, has tested the product on request of the manufacturer and expressed positive about it: “not everyone of us can always the optimum amount of vitamins or nutrients, the brain for peak performance” needs to take. I consider BrainEffect as a health product, that this gap closes and it still pleasantly invigorating effect. I reject brain doping with medications or other dubious and dangerous means and recommend products such as BrainEffect, which help us in a natural way, with full conviction to get the maximum out of us.” For all those who inform themselves about the issues of nutrition and brain performance would, has white wall set up a blog. Under, you will find helpful tips to more concentration and performance studies, to achieve sports and work.