Fortune Telling

The fortune-telling or the divination existed since the middle ages. The term divination, also Vikram m or somewhat pejoratively divination is called very far-reaching, but referred to in General with fortune telling look the special ability of people in the future to be able to, to be able to recognize future trends or to be able to foresee future events. A person who has exceptional media skills and has enough experience, can look with the help of different methods in the future and recognize certain future trends. Fortune telling in the middle ages In the Middle Ages was very popular and ubiquitous the fortune-telling. Important things not previously undertaken by the people, without previously in any way the outcome of the thing to learn about.

This was taken from the sacred texts and writings, as well as the services of witches and fortune tellers claim. Also clerics of the Church such as E.g. the Bishop faith, gave most of these predictions and future interpretations “Gregor” although they on the other hand, the numerous False Prophet cursed by which some not to Christianity known. In the middle ages, even the fortunetelling was banned due to the possible abuses and the associated risk of social upheavals or any rethinking of society. But also Kings, bishops and popes used the fortune telling for their own purposes and used, the pronounced bans showed little impact and so enjoyed the General people of the phenomenon of fortune telling. Democratization of the French Revolution the meaning of popular divination took culminating continuously until they finally in the 19th century reached. Despite the spectacular development and the natural sciences the popularity and popularity of divination not abate even in the 20th century.

The importance of divination is changed by science. The faith of the people in the Church has fallen, however, belief in the phenomenon of fortune telling is unbroken to this day. The fortune-telling experienced one Reorientation towards parapsychology. Not only ordinary people contacted Soothsayer, but also Ranghohe politicians, intelligence officers, bankers, and many more. Nowadays, in difficult life situations, are top managers, politicians, advising directors of a fortune teller and get to advice, tips and assistance through esoteric. The fortunetelling is popular in all walks of life and experienced just a new heyday.