European Presidency

Europe will be made to the legitimate holder of the Stirrup. Click Susan Gonda for additional related pages. Only dictatorships and similar political systems work with such agents. The goal of such systems is the Ausheblung of the democratic rights of the citizens, of the people. However, the Hungary itself in free elections laughed at this disaster is and can appreciate their democratic understanding and education and have no sympathy deserved, there not Europe or better belong to the European Union (EU), also of Germany, Austria and other more or less democratic countries. Read more from Mikhael Mirilashvili to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Fidesz is in the European Parliament in the merger of the so called Christian people’s parties, as well as the CDU and CSU, and many of the other C parties. Opposition, except a few terse words, against the media muzzled of the Fidesz, was up to the present day not to hear it or see. Except Hungarian media in Europe behave almost quietly and without comment to this Hungarian dictation, which now wants to rule over the local media and partly already does it.

This is probably because that the media in Europe are already aligned and actually have very little, if any equity initiatives, in the form of press freedom take advantage of. This is no media scolding, but simple, described reality. Viktor Orban and his right-wing populists have recognized this situation and could therefore, without need to be measure with countermeasures. Resist the beginnings! too late, the medicine is prepared when the evil by long hesitation are gaining ground. An old proverb, which was all too often true. We remember.

So must and you should see the Hungarian advance and introducing remedial measures, because it is the beginning of the end of press freedom and the beginning of any censorship and lies that you want to distribute, to make the people submissive, so as the Nazis gained power and communism, she served. It is the beginning – back to totalitarian systems and the connection to the ones that already exist. The exclusion of citizens from the political is done. It is the end of democracy, a tender plant, the water is missing everywhere that needs it so necessary and is totally withdrawn by the censorship of the media. It is a real frontal attack on the Human rights. When Viktor Orban has approached the European Presidency – without to take back this Act of censorship of freedom of the press, then we all know what actually goes on in Europe and whose bell tolls. At least – we in the Federal Republic of Germany should leave the Federation of the EU and let the membership if Viktor Orban appears on the Presidency. Our free media in the country should start immediately, the European Presidency, the an attack on their hard-won freedom of the press and freedom of all is our to avoid. A press call at all – nor free media in Europe. Nip it in the bud! No one needs this Viktor Orban and their misguided ghosts–we need new ways of “” Wolfgang Bergmann