Character Types, Archetypes And Astrology. (88)

Basics of insight for daily practice. ‘ The Archetypes are in the collective UN(TER)bewussten (Phylogene > Ontogene) based on Archetypes of human imagination pattern ‘ :< Angel, Dragon, heroes, here the question, if we thus see the world as it is (lens), or whether we so they see us as we constantly construct them is (subjective, Plato). And whether there is a third world, completely independent from us (neutral) and our true perception. -How am I (natural)? ' In the psychoanalysis refers to character a type in the experience and behavior, as well as an individual pattern of dominant defenses of the ICH Anteil(ES uBER-ICH = ICH). The characters merge fluently, however, there is an accumulation of certain structural elements.- as am I (cultures)? ' Astrology (vs. astronomy) claimed from the positions of celestial bodies events, fate and personality characteristics of people to interpret and partly identify prognostically.' -. Who am I? Archetypes as am I (natural)? Premium cars sell ruler in the road traffic (?) today with the symbol of the archetype. Premium sports shoes sell winners with the archetype. Sellers call it Neuromarketing and claim to have developed something new. As marketing-Speziaist know that this old wine in new expensive Sclauchen is sold. add to your knowledge base. Sell worked already imnmer only about the emotions (Anima and animus) and thus the archetypes. Only can be seen today color the reaction processes of the brain with the MRL. However, the interpretations of brain activities be made purely empirically. But we know that the purchasing decisions, hormonally regulated, runs through the limbic system rewards Centre. As a communications specialist, we intuitively (heart and mind) a in three to seven seconds I have safe first impression of our new party have won. Here the archetypes seem instinctively on the emotional basis of pleasure and frustration by friend or foe. A useful over life program, the US already across the Sabelzahntieger protected! In a rhetoric exercise I learned many years ago to inform Conference participants in such archetypes symbols.