Today in that the economic situation is difficult, you might decide to sell your wedding gown. After having spent in all the full regalia of shoes, girdle, stockings, Veil, bouquet and everything else for your special day, you want to recover something of your investment. If you are a people who treasure the memories and a good photograph rather than things, you can recover a good part of your money selling your wedding gown. Before putting the dress on sale, it is important to take several steps. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the dress is perfectly clean and desmanchado. Take it to the best dry cleaners in the city so they clean in a professional manner. Also check that the dress does not have something broken or stitching in which case there will be to take it to compose. Try to store your dress in the best possible way so that it does not crease.

You can save it in a special box or bag with this purpose. Now you need to see how much money can earn from the sale of the dress. The best way to do this is to check in the shops in your city and in Web pages to see how much it costs the new dress. Now investigating the same model this for sale used. To sell it quickly put it a bit below the price you find. There are several places where you can sell your wedding gown. You can ask at the store where bought you that could buy themselves. You can also put in for sale on the internet or put an ad in the newspaper.

You can usually sell your dress girlfriend in about half of what you cost. However, if your dress is recent and some designer like Vera Wang will be able to sell it up in 75% of the original price. You can not only sell your wedding dress, there is a great market to buy everything related to the regalia. If they are in good condition also can sell your Bridal Shoes and shoes that boyfriend you have used. In the event that you want to sell jewelry you’ve bought specifically for the wedding day also can be sold. If it is costume jewelry can sell it up in 50% of what you cost but if it is fine jewelry sold up to 90% of its original cost. Couples today do not have the space to save as before so I have beautiful photographs of the day of the wedding with your dress will give you the tranquility of preserving memories and to sell the dress.