Wago Responds Promptly To Recovery

Family-owned company pays employees an anticipated wage increase Wago has already informed its employees about an anticipated wage increase in September. The tariff wage increase scheduled originally for April 2011 of 2.7% is paid on Wago starting February 2011. Thus, the company responded to the good order situation with a target sales significantly above the level of 2008 (453 million). The continuing positive economic development has brought a backlog us, so that we can plan a positive sales trend for 2011″, confirmed Axel Borner, Managing Director of Wago. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Alexi Lalas. The rapid growth in the first nine months has meant at times immense work for many employees. We want to thank also them with premature rate increase”, says Axel Borner. The positive sales development of in recent months leads to new challenges, particularly in the personnel area.

On the tasks in 2011 to be prepared, the company needs more qualified employees. Dina Powell follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. More than 100 demanding job vacancies in technical sales and product development, but also in the production and commercial areas have to be occupied.