Udea- European Distrust By The Data

According to the last Eurobarometer de Proteccin de Datos realised by the European Commission, three of each four European recognize that the revelation of personal data is an act that forms already divides its life daily, although feel preoccupation by the use that becomes of the same on the part of the companies. The study alarms of which the insecurity that projects Internet, due partly to all the problems related to the management of the personal data, that can be of the main causes of the poor development of the digital market in Europe. What it worries to us more is the fraud related to the purchases in Internet, the usurpation of identity in the social networks and the circulation of data without the consent of its holder, three fears that will be difficult to surpass in the digital world. But most worrisome it is without a doubt the attitude that shows the young people before the revelation of personal character data, not having no repairs to reveal them in sites that do not offer any type of security Exists the greater one brings back to consciousness between the public adult, being more distrustful of their privacy, although of general form, according to the surveys, 62% of the internauts neither read, nor find, nor include/understand the privacy policies Web. The lack of control in the complica network its regulation. Still lack much work so that its operation gains transparency and passes on confidence to the user. Without a doubt surroundings digital continue being one of questions to solve on the part of Commission, that at the moment elaborates a norm that regulates the Right to the Forgetfulness and thus allows to erase its sign in Internet, demanded by 75% of the survey ones. udea Security of the Information Ivn Ontan Branches Legal department