Triathlon and fitness

Triathletes tend to have a very good level of fitness, so many amateur athletes choose the triathlon specifically for the multiple benefits offered to health. As the three disciplines are endurance sports, nearly all of training for this sport is cardiovascular exercise (aerobic exercise).
In addition, triathletes must prepare for three different disciplines, which gives a better balance of the whole body musculature. Compared to a cyclist, who trains mostly legs (ie, one subset of the muscles), a triathlete develops a strong leg muscles for cycling and jogging, and also develops good muscle at the top, ie arms, chest and back, due to swimming.It is also a sport that does not fall into monotony, as they perform three types of exercises, which also include the mental strength that many triathletes have to prepare to resist the change of the bicycle at a trot, which produces a muscle in resentment legs, and that demand concentration on long distance triathlons. Perhaps check out patrick dwyer new edge for more information. . . . If you would like to know more then you should visit patrick dwyer boston private.