Tretyakov Gallery

July 23 died Viktor Vasnetsov, one of the largest and most famous masters of Russian painting school. His work, like all major events for a long time not getting recognized, but when it was finally priced, around the name Vasnetsov kindled unusually heated controversy: some praised him to the heavens, while others denied him in any sense. Art constantly reevaluated, changed evaluation of not only individual works of art but the whole art of this or that artist, and even entire epochs in the history of world art. Vasnetsov not escaped this share. By the same author: NYU Law. Now, the fresh graves, it is difficult to preserve the objectivity to which binds the whole career gone from us a big man, but a few thoughts clearly indisputable, we can make right now without the risk of falling into error.

Vasnetsov played in all kinds of painting: it was – the old academic terminology – "Historical painter," because he painted on the subjects of history and mythology, was "a religious painter, portraitist, genre painter, decorator and" schedule ". In addition, he was also an architect, because of his projects are built Church Abramtsevo, the facade of the Tretyakov Gallery, gallery and his own house with a shop in Trinity Street. What was the hardest? In what area he left the most vivid mark in the history of Russian art? Born in the Russian north, he came to Moscow at the end of the Academy of Arts and returning from overseas trips as if only to expose the utter falsity and artificiality, which were infused product of the then artists who took the theme of Russian history and folk epics.