The Number

Before going into detail, you distribute your pictures distribute your photos about the double-page spreads of your wedding album, before beginning the detailed design work. Without previously to decide which photo comes out, where are you most likely at the end of either too many or less spreads in your wedding album design have. Therefore, create as many empty two-page spreads, as your wedding album to have initial and distribute your photos in. Note this: the chronological order of the photos is preserved. Connect with other leaders such as patrick kenny here. Photos which clearly belong to the same subject, be divided between two-page spreads. A wedding album design (just like the wedding, for which it is made) is divided into blocks often, E.g. preparations, the ceremony, the celebration, etc. Each of these blocks should if possible be shown on one or more dedicated two-page spreads.

Blocks, which somewhere on a double page begin and end anywhere on the next, you do Wedding album harder to read and understand. Moreover, that in different places recorded images often don’t match, E.g. the “preparations” photos are rather difficult match with the “churches” photos and should be already alone therefore represented on separate two-page spreads. You may want to visit Kevin Ulrich MGM to increase your knowledge. The number of photos per two-page spread remains about as planned. Before you have started with the distribution of the photos you chose design a general design style for your wedding album, which is decisive for how many photos per page are displayed.

If you distribute your photos, you adhere to this decision or wrong at the end of the number of two-page spreads. There are, of course, spreads, where less photos are represented, with family and guests, to compensate, there are for example the group shots but also spreads, E.g. double with single shots of guests let on which without problems more photos below. Finally: You start with the figures finally we have arrived at the point.