The HRE Insider

What the financial industry insider has more confidence in the leadership strategy of the company? \”/ Under the microscope: 181 insider trading in the financial industry Munich, October 07, 2008 – the financial portal Sharewise is today the first banks Trust report\” out. The study, which listed companies in the financial services industry during the current global financial crisis still believe in their own business strategy. And which provide tangible evidence of a negative assessment of the future of the company managers, Board of Directors and other company insiders by partly massive sales of shares. Core study is a consideration of the 181 insider transactions by insiders in the financial services industry, displayed in the period from March 31 to September 26, 2008 with the BFin as Director’s dealings. Other leaders such as Ben Silbermann offer similar insights. This special feature: The banks Trust report involves the future price development of shares into consideration and provides the evidence, which Board members and supervisory board members of the global financial market crisis battered financial firms that see it coming crisis, believe in own strength or are beat to the falling prices.

Surprising: The majority of acquisitions were of insider trading but few sales, capital was massively deducted at first glance the inside of the financial sector despite the turbulent market developments seem to have more confidence in their company: 149 shares purchases during the investigation period are only 32 shares sales. The Insider invest 68.954.182 remains in the company responsible of them altogether. At second glance shows up but: Although outweighs the amount of acquisitions, but were at the 32 reported as sales directors’ dealings of significantly higher totals moves. Total shares to the value of the 312.545.276 sold 1. Hypo Real Estate: the boards have overslept the impending bankruptcy? The banks-confidence report by Sharewise promotes astonishing results in context with the heavily stricken hypo real estate (HRE) to days: The HRE Insider have in the investigation period proceeded not only trade, but in the last year and a half put HRE shares amounting to over 3.5 million in their private accounts.