The Costa Dorada In Valentine

Located in a privileged enclave South of the Catalan coast, the Costa Dorada is a family tourist destination characterized by its offer of Sun and beach, and its tourist attraction par excellence, Port Aventura. After a long season, the theme park has closed its doors, and will not open until early April, coinciding with the gradual increase in temperatures and the proximity of the Holy week. They are therefore a few difficult months for this destination, where many establishments choose to close and hoped that Park again open its doors to accommodate tourists drawn the vast majority of all points of Spain, France and England. Even so, some establishments, opting not to close, and leverage festivities as Valentine, Carnival and bridges local to offer visitors different thematic programs that desestacionalizen the demand and the motivation for the trip. They are thus, the months of January to April, where cultural, gastronomic, relax and nature tourism come true importance in a destination where the King is always Sun and beach tourism. For example, if you take a look at the numerous agencies on-line will see published different hotel deals for Valentine, where relax tourism, take real importance. You will find packages that combine the 3 most important zone s Spa: Aquum, Spalas, Aquatonic with 3 and 4 star hotels with a careful cuisine, ideal to escape a weekend metropolitan area economic and very competitive prices compared to other destinations. Year after year, this tourist enclave, reinvents itself and promotes the destination from all areas to continue to be among one of the most visited tourist brands of Spain throughout the year. Original author and source of the article