The Convenient Foil Packaging Ensures Customers

Handling and readability of date often insufficiently a number of studies and consumer tests of in recent years have made it clear that many consumers despite existing developments and abundant innovations are clearly dissatisfied with product packaging. Read the expiration date large problems for the customers. It is often difficult to find on the packaging or simply not readable because the font size of the print is too small or poor print quality affect the readability of date. If the consumer can rapidly inform about the expiry date of a product, he puts it back often on the shelf and chooses a competitor’s product. The opening of packaging is called the gravest problem, just welded foil packaging can find no mercy at the consumer.

An existing opening mechanism does not work or is opening the packaging without additional tools not provided at all or only partially. Of course, the trouble with the packaging only after the purchase on. But in everyday products such as food you would like to bind the consumer on time itself. An offending product packaging will deter just older consumers by a renewed buying, but also younger consumers choose the convenient packaging preferred. Packaging foils have been further developed continuously in recent years, practically no limits more the used sheet. Now are the packaging companies in the duty to undergo a real consumers test their existing product packaging. With the subsequent test, anyone can get a quick overview of the usability of the own foil pouch and act accordingly. You pull resistant work gloves and try to open the packaging. So you have a good idea, just as older consumers on the inside of the packaging. The packaging suppliers of Lacer’s customers can use packaging in Berlin the expert support of the sales consultants to bring forward the own packaging or to make improvements in the material and the printing.