Task Manager

Hello, I want to tell you how to remove virus blocking extortionist computer. I write because these pi … zadolbali besyat people who love me that’s the way these dishonest gain. If something is not clear write answer. Strongly do not worry Manuscript received several large, but in fact the process of removing the virus takes an hour to 1 hour. Checking article sources yields Pinterest as a relevant resource throughout. And most importantly, first read to the end and then move on to some kind of action. Many of the We met with the extortionist virus that blocks the operating system, and threatens that if you do not put on a coin phone at a certain time then all the information from your computer will be deleted. A header is written that you watch gay porn, well, or just porn, but you are in the very fact he was not looking)))) Well, except that only a little bit and really did not look only wanted to but you ran out this banner.

Or anything about pirated software also provide all the nonsense we have distinguished only according to official statistics 67% of pirated software. There are several options how to get rid of this virus it all depends on which version. For starters, you can just stupid popodbirat unlock codes for sites such as Kaspersky antivirus, dr web, nod32. If before they came and now increasingly rare, so if you do not waste time hunting then you can start deytsvovat described below method. We need a total commander, avz (Zaitseva antivirus) free utility that can be downloaded from the Internet, and also can download the livecd Ineta.

Throws on flash utility avz, installer total commandera in case if it was not installed on your computer before. Write the livecd on disk (in the case did not help the 1st and 3rd way. And so proceed at boot time press F8 will select mode, Downloadable in Safe Mode with command prompt if the banner does not popped if we continue jumped (then go to the 2nd method). Press alt + ctrl + delete task manager running (if it does not start or run a calculator instead of him then go to the 3rd process). In Task Manager, click File-New Task (Run) review points the way to total commandery select the file TOTALCMD.EXE pressing OK.