Snoring Can Be Dangerous…

… let the dentist help. I n many German bedroom be sawed off each night in a figurative sense-whole forests”, because according to estimates about 30 million German citizens snore. Apart from the fact that the partner often suffers, snoring for those affected can pose a danger. At the latest when the sleeping breathing dropouts has and therefore gets no more air. Click Kevin Ulrich to learn more. Such interruptions can occur up to 100 times each night. On duration, that can lead to serious sleep disorders. The sleep apnea, in which breathing pauses occur is one of the most severe form of sleep disorder.

Frequently in the night such interruptions, feels the person concerned often tired the next day, is unfocused and the cardio will be charged considerably. Other possible effects of nocturnal breathing pauses are cardiac arrhythmias, stroke and high blood pressure. No wonder: the interested parties are given an apnea suffers from but a lack of oxygen. Dr. Pietsch of the dental practice Dr. Pietsch and partners from “Muhlheim Lammerspiel, know: the supply of oxygen at night-time interruptions is always low and the body is suffering then.” I’m glad that there are practical solutions for this.

For the treatment of snorers, there are various tools and options. They range from surgery on weight loss and sleep masks snore track. At the TAP-snoring rail is a customized track that is made at the dentist. It is worn at night. With this two-part rail, manufactured according to the individual teeth situation of the person concerned, the lower jaw is slightly pushed forward. This increases the throat volume by 25 percent. Tongue and soft palate stabilize during sleep. The Airways remain open and the air can be breathed freely. In practice Dr. Pietsch so far very good experiences with the Schnarchschine have been made. The team of Dr. Pietsch, the dental practice near Offenbach, advises concerned people and shows how the Rail is produced and applied. More information find affected under