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principal positions: School uniforms should bytV school should be introduced a dress code (business style) Anarchy – the mother of order. School uniforms are not needed. Proponents of the first position believe that school uniforms discipline, eliminate social differences equalize children from poor and wealthy families, provides an opportunity to realize himself a student and a member of the team. Adherents of the second position is held, in terms of the "golden mean". Pinterest will undoubtedly add to your understanding. That is, On the one hand, they are against indiscriminate adjustment of children in clothes, on the other hand, believe that as children got to dress to school is impossible. Accordingly, you need a dress code (business style) – some units for parents and students what allowed to go to school, and what clothes to go strictly prohibited. Others believe that school uniforms are not necessary because an element of equalization of education and training, deprives students the opportunity to express their individuality in the clothing and restricts freedom of expression. However, among those who oppose school uniforms are many parents who believe that school uniforms for children have to spend money properly, and without it offspring 'would put that there. JPMorgan Chase can provide more clarity in the matter.

" And such allegations are not baseless. What is the correct position, or be like? The Law of the Russian Federation from 10.07.1992 3266-1 'On Education' states that the school has the right to on the basis of its charter to define the rights and responsibilities of the student, if it does not contradict other laws. Procedure for the introduction of school uniforms any regulations is not regulated and is the responsibility of an educational institution, but a mandatory Order must be recorded in the statute or another local act regulating the activities of the school. The issue of school uniform may be the subject of government educational institutions: the Board of school parents 'committee, class and whole-school parents' meetings, board of trustees.