Protein Is Not Equal To Protein – Benefits Of Protein In

Pronounced differences which protein or protein (latenische expression) considered to be sources of protein and its use in sport essential, vital. Protein is regarded as a building block for our muscles, connective tissue and most of our body cells, while it serves the construction and regeneration.Every day, we should have high quality protein from food to us. A protein consists of many different amino acids, the so-called protein components. We eat protein as about the food, the body splits the protein through the production of Verdauunsenzyme (Papain – a protein splits enzyme) into amino acids, which then ultimately appears on the wall of the intestine into the bloodstream. Athletes from the area have mostly an increased demand for protein weight training, bodybuilding and even heavy-duty model. Who has the target muscle, should take care not only on the amount, but above all on the quality of the protein.

The higher the biological value, the better can the body the protein exploit. This is the whole egg with a BW of 100 as a reference. The highest biological value reached the so-called whey protein, to English: whey protein with a BW of 104. whey protein particularly well suited for muscle building, because it particularly well and gently can be utilized by the body. Other benefits of whey protein are, for example, the low proportion of fat, milk sugar (lactose) and Kohlenhyraten, as well as the most favorable price and good solubility of powder at the stir in liquids such as milk, water or fruit juices. Whey protein is a quick source of protein, i.e. Visit Kevin Ulrich anchorage for more clarity on the issue. the amino acids the body a short time available.

It is as fast as possible to be able to start with toning and Muskelerholungsprozesen muscles after an intense fitness program. For example, casein is the opposite of whey protein. Casein protein is very slowly usable so it is taken usually at bedtime, to provide the muscle during the night sleep with essential amino acids. People with a lactose allergy, colloquially Called Laktoseintolleranz, on the other hand prefer sources of protein such as egg protein or soy protein. Day requirement is protein an intensely exerciser Bodybuiler approximately 2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. Whoever brings 80 kg on the scales, should eat 160 g of protein per day. This amount of protein should be distributed naturally not at once, but evenly over the day. Best one divides the portions on 5-6 meals per day. Best, this approach ensures that valuable amino acids as building materials available are the body around the clock. Before taking protein products or the consumption of protein-rich meals, you should with a doctor about possible side effects talk and thoroughly examined. If the doctor gives the green light, nothing in the way is a muscle building protein.