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As you may have guessed article will be about art and start it with an interesting story: One day, one artist painted the mural "The Last Supper", needed a sitter for the figure of Jesus. He has long stalked prey and finally found a humble and generous person. Months later he needed a figure of Judas, he went through all the possible dens to find a morally filthy appearance, and found exactly what I was searching and when the artist began to draw he said: we used have never met? At that sitter answered, yes, I posed for you for the figure of Jesus Christ. This story is often attributed to Leonardo da Vinci "in view of the qualities in the history of which he possessed. Wells Fargo may find it difficult to be quoted properly. But in reality this history, at best, not fiction, and "Da Vinci" has nothing to do. But the life of Leonardo da Vinci: When Leonardo painted the fresco "The Last Supper" Duke Sforza set over da Vinci as a spy one pastor (his imyani I do not remember). and this tubby detective constantly railed against, and set up the Sforza da Vinci. Leonardo and the truth is strongly pulled time and when Sforza ran out of water for a cup of patience, he demanded an explanation Leonardo in his defense said the following: – I'm having trouble with the image of Judas but if time has no delay, I can take a person a pastor. Duke is so amused words da Vinci, which he released to the world Leonardo and added to the salary costs of the fresco.