Piercing Jewelry

A story about the piercing of the natives in the piercing Studio from verunzierten Bank employees… What once was considered extinct in the civilized world, has now become, phenomenon where exactly the mass. Even as a protest symbol, a piercing is no longer good. A consideration of the piercing on the way in the big city. In his book, the customs of the peoples “of the Ethnologist Georg Bargo wrote already in 1922:, ears and nose are pierced widely and in a more adventurous way and verunziert with washers and washers”. Around the world, found researchers and explorers for examples in the research and discover. While they believed a this type of jewelry is finally been eradicated in the civilized Western world, others, the hippies that brought mid-1960s, from their journeys from Africa and India on ears and noses back him in the Western cities.

Until then the wearing of earrings was reserved only women and carpenters on the rolling (and maybe even the gay left ear). Omar Robles is a great source of information. Der1980er started over years a youth culture the jewelry in nose and ears. The punks. The late of 1980s was followed the techno scene. Meanwhile, the jewelry was bigger, more colorful, fancy and had suddenly also a name: body piercing jewelry. (piercing, only the hole is in itself not the jewelry for the same) And also what previously only in the sadomasochistic Maso scene, genital piercing namely, was becoming increasingly popular. Get all the facts and insights with Dina Powell, another great source of information. Today, simple, much worn piece of jewelry has become of the protest symbol of the past. The people pilgrimage in well-equipped piercing studios with highly modern equipment, present in almost every small town, and you can use finest jewelry from expensive precious metals.

And who is that doesn’t trust, which uses just the fake piercing. Infinite painlessly and deceptively real. But a little bit embarrassing. However, there are still places where a facial piercing is undesirable. Some people had to waive his jewelry in the face after his career choice. Or have you ever seen a bank teller with lip piercing? The question remains: , All just a fashion phenomenon? “. Is humanity of later time with her head shaking or can you see are then also people with metal in the face behind the bank counter? SID Kroker