Peter Klaus Brendel

As the professional and the private, etc. The professional Communication between transmitter and receiver should withhold concealment of concerns and intentions, vague hints and instructions, information, exclude hasty interpretations, also demotivierende threats, insinuations and intimidation. E. all major accidents are sure to lead to behavioural and communication problems back:, Titanic (ships), Chernobyl (industries), aircraft accidents, etc. etc.

Here an example for the crew (company) resource management (CRM): what are the human factors that lead to catastrophic consequences? “History (mutatis mutandis): ‘ about two minutes before landing the Ko pilot warns the captain: we are too high and too fast!” “Reply of the captain: we figure it out!” A minute later again the same dialog! About half a minute before landing the Ko pilot want to again say something. “At this moment, the flight engineer asks the captain: what is the difference between duck and pilots?” About 20 seconds the three, and all passengers were later, dead- because: they were too high and too fast!’ “Source / by: Peter Klaus Brendel in crash communication the crew (or cockpit) resource management training (CRM) is a training for aircrews, what the capabilities of non technical skills” – not technical skills – training and improve to. This in particular four categories are considered: cooperation, situational attention, leadership, and decision making. The communication is a continuous process that is found in all categories. … CRM aims to raise awareness of the fact that, in addition to the technical understanding on board an aircraft (technical skills), the interpersonal area is a constant companion.

The awareness of procedures and processes in this area increases the professionalism and connects all onboard mental resources of the entire crew aboard. The teamwork improves, flight accidents due to human error Human factor be reduced. An important element of CRM is the use and disclosure of all (life) important information within the crew, both internally and in the interaction between the cockpit and cabin crew and Tower.