Patchwork Art

Begin it what a person as I I could write on Patchwork? I have a completely different profile of that it would write on this subject, but have a gorgeous very talentosa wife who one day if interested for this called art PATCHWORK. In less of one year it passed of apprentice for teacher with mounted store that of the courses of Patchwork. I do not want to say that it already learned everything that could, but it teaches everything what she knows and what more important this making what likes. The store is in Native of London, has a name original but not very sufficiently suggestive? Cloth piece patchwork. I was imagining which would be the origin of this type of work, whose definition is to join remnants, forming combinations of colors and drawings.

E after some research I discovered that the first evidences of the work in Patchwork date since 3400 AC. In old Egypt, faras already used bedspreads and done clothes of fabric leftovers under its armors of iron. In the Europe, during the Average Age, the Patchwork was spread for diverse countries as: England, Germany, France Italy and arrived at the United States through its colonizadores, in my ignorance before this research obviously I found that the cradle of patchwork was the United States, was far from imagining that it was a so old work. I found articles that said to be patchwork so old how much the humanity, therefore alleged that when the first men had joined pieces of skin of animals to agasalharem themselves, was being born then patchwork. As it was saying on the arrival of the Patchwork in the United States, it was in middle of century XVII that this happened. Brought for the colonizadores, it was common to see bedspreads done of hemp or wool, in entire cloths or from medallions central offices and edges, that allowed the total exploitation of remnants, since weaveeed they were considered preciosidade, as well as lines and needles (that they were passed of mother for son).