Open House

To see the real achievements of every child in the rehabilitation and training, conduct "Open House" on the topic "Organization of improving and upbringing and educational work in preschool, "" Holiday, as a form of rehabilitation of children, "etc. Parents attend classes with teachers and specialists, wellness and prevention activities, sports entertainment conducted separately with each group of children. More information is housed here: PayNet. Tutors receive monthly from health care workers DOW "Sheets Health", with specific procedures undertaken, and recommendations for improvement of children their group. Bring relevant information to parents, inviting them to talk with the doctors. Special area teachers in the work with parents of pupils is as explanatory as well as practically significant promoting a healthy lifestyle, a proper hygienic conditions in the home, correctional and recreational activities in preschool. Educators have raised awareness with parents about nutrition, treatment, care, child rearing, forming their responsibility to restore the health of the child patient. In addition to curative and preventive measures aimed at strengthening the health inmates held in the preschool, we began to hold monthly interesting and useful to children and adults Feasts "Health Day" in the fresh air, which involved children, parents and staff. On this day, teachers and medical staff give talks to children about health, for the parents pick up articles on healthy lifestyles and conduct surveys.

In the garden hung balloons, posters with statements about his health, which helps raise emotional state and development of aesthetic sense in children. These festivals not only promote the physical development of children, but also their moral education, how to behave properly with his rival, Soper alive for teammates, to rejoice and grieve for the success and failures, form positive emotions, combined adult and children's overall goals. Relations between children, teachers and parents have become more intimate, warm, friendly. And there was interest from parents, proud of their children. Information stands for parents in each age group work rubric covering issues of healing without drugs. Parents offers hypoallergenic recipes, diet meals of exercises for breathing, prevention of violations of the musculoskeletal system, eyes, finger play. Thus, in kindergarten developed its own system of health improvement of preschool children, which consists of the following topics: – Monitor the physical and mental health of children – collecting information about the health of each child, the presence of a pathology, physical, social, intellectual and emotional capabilities – developing individual schemes of correctional and recreational activities – the daily work of teachers and parents to form children healthy habits – to create conditions for business, home-style cozy and comfortable environment and a favorable microclimate in the DOW. These conditions, I consider how best to successfully implement the children's Garden of preventive, restorative and therapeutic activities aimed at full physical development of children, promote learning, education and habits to maintain the protection of the normal physical condition, health, cheerful and jovial mood.