Me Miro In Ti Y Me Reflection

I look at you and me reflecting Lucho wildly for a dream in the faithful hope forge true knowing beforehand that I want it because it fits my desires which reflects filing battles with quiet ideas that persuade my appetite waiting has exhausted the patience that I never had differing some sentences that I require visited bodies that I fill, more they quench not the echo of peace that in you I encounter the world departs from me, being alone to make me feel the void that I face is have conspired all items leaving room to a just thought and is than the man who knows the truth that knows in depth his passion does not sleep his dreams of the day the Sun lying down your need in the stars feed their desires with clear voice and breaks the routine that strength wait I wonder, how you want to love you? If when you search for, by my side, you’re not if when you think, I see you from afar my truth Me still questioning with your eyes while, a dream as I have been doing hugging your memory on my pillow depleting those prayers I learned to wear all my tears with crying because as you can see, yet still waiting for you how to pretend me I forget? With wishes that dilate in need and my body without yours is only half think that another might want to if wanting to, or then to love, I already learned I have more to share so I gave all day that I met you can imagine that you don’t think if looking at a flower, the reflection of light you can imagine and see you do it in the water like to look at a shooting starI know, you are how you want, want, want and want? If the more I want more I love you now, how, I wonder, life can be if to leave, you’ve brought to my heart and with him they went, all my feelings as love, passion and pain up to feel the shock of weight that I was suffocating now that you did undress my thoughts because since I’m not the owner of my secrets now well you know how and what I think I offer itself, we stop to swim in the wind follow us to stop looking at the time and make a communion of our souls that generates love, much peace and hope as you do with the reflected image, water. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mary Barra. Samuel Akinin Levy original Autor and source of the article..