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Like other forms of divination, the decks of tarot reading has become increasingly more popular and much easier with the new technologies of communication such as the Internet. Many web sites offer readings of Tarot cards in charge of specialized seers, and other websites are devoted exclusively to art teaching and the development of skills of the tarot reading. Tarot cards readings can be hcerse by phone, via video chat, live chat or even by e-mail. Whereas the premise that tarot chucks tend to focus on events and decisions in the short term, many web sites dedicated to the Tarot cards have regular clients who used the services at regular intervals, e.g. every four or five months. Like other psychic readings online, many pages make a free initial spin before the creation of a registered user, who will pay the next service. In addition to using the 78 cards of the tarot card reading, decks tend to focus on situations in the short term. They are also effective for clarity, inner understanding and management of emotions in a particularly confusing in the past or present situation.

The 78 cards are usually divided into two sections. In the first section, or major arcana, it has 22 cards aimed at a historic design of their images, ranging from the number 0, the Loco, number 21, the world. The arc of represented by these letters is taken into account as a personal access from ignorance to enlightenment, or a juvenile consciousness to a more mature compliance path. Another particularity of relief of the major arcana is evidenced the experiences of which a person must learn along the way of life to carry out this process of maturation, as La Fuerza, La Justice, love and death. The second section includes the minor arcana, involving 56 remaining decks. This fraction of cards emphasizes the addresses of ordinary, common or mundane aspects of life, contributing to a tarot card reading. Every deck has its interpretation, such as the Charter of the Priestess, which usually involves some sort of secret or some intuition that is revealed or kept hidden.