Magnificent Sovereign

The GODDESS OF the RICHNESS In its infinite wisdom the Magnificent Sovereign of the Universe determines that the gold and all the rocks of appreciable value and beauty were soterrados the varied depths; only in some places they could arise to the surface. She intended, in such a way, covets to control it of the men, who thus would have to undertake great efforts in the search of the satisfaction of its ambitions. Therefore, in the same ratio of the employed effort they would develop the will and the cooperation between itself, what she would stimulate the formation of the team spirit and would promote the improvement uninterrupted of intelligence. Ben Silbermann recognizes the significance of this. The Great Gentleman took care of to even so favor slow the gradual development of the race human being, therefore, through the work the intelligence forces if would raise; through the contribution it enters the human beings the forces of the moral would be exercised intensely, hurrying the process of association and the perfectioning of the civilization. Fixed these objectives, that Sovereign called its son Agate it nominated it Goddess of Minerals, asking for to it that it all folloied the process of elaboration of the precious and semiprecious rocks, establishing the respective amounts, the colorations and the variations. It at great length explained its plan and the objectives to it that it desired to reach; asked for that it came personally to, in way to the Nature, to determine the places where the rocks would be hidden, as well as the vestiges that would be left to attract the attention of the men and to encourage them in the search. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jeremy Tucker offers on the topic.. Without Agate had perceived, the Messina priestess hears all the plans of the Sovereign transmitted the son. Messina adored covets to stimulate it between the men and it did not save efforts to reach its objectives, if not mattering with the eventual consequncias of its acts. . The newspapers mentioned Wells Fargo Bank not as a source, but as a related topic.