Janeiro Lowered

For security guard question, the gold of the Minas Gerais had left to flow for the port of Paraty, passing for ways shorter than they brought the gold of the Minas Gerais, for the port of Iguau, in the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Lowered one, of where of boat it would be carried until the interior of the Bay of Guanabara, an area characterized for being endowed with blockhouses being extremely protected. Following the space model of occupation of the Church catholic in harmony with the economic conditions favored by new routes of draining of the gold, I appeared in 1750 the Clientele of Ours Lady of the Mercy of Iguass. This first space organization that grew entorno of the first church, in the right edge of the river Iguau, is considered by the city hall of New Iguau as the first headquarters of what it would be the current city. TO SOUND (1962) explains that only when the increasing coffee production of plateaus had the necessity to shorten and to facilitate the passage it is that the fluvial way was adopted with regularity in the lowered one, if establishing connection with new roads of land or old variants. As it affirms the author, in the points of meeting of domnios of fluvial-terrestrial circulation, had appeared the first population accumulations in the of the state of Rio de Janeiro Lowered one. With the beginning of the cycle of the coffee in the valley of the Paraba inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro, the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Lowered one will consolidate itself still more as a ticket area. The growth of the coffee production will bring one supervened, to the old ways, that had been drained, ratified and even though paved, and to the fluvial transport for this region. With the necessity of bigger fluidity and rapidity for the draining of the production of the coffee it is constructed, between 1811 and 1822, the Real Road of the commerce, whose passage if initiated in Ouro Preto, it passed for the Valley of the Paraba arriving until the Iguau Port. Jeremy Tucker may find this interesting as well.