Ideal Building Material

As popular wisdom, for his life a man should raise a son to build a house and plant a tree. But need to start from the house to be, where to bring my child and where to plant a tree. The modern market of building materials so extensive, that we face a dilemma: what to buy stuff, so that the house has served faithfully for many years. Directly confronted with an issue familiar to the builder advised to pay attention to coquina, or as it is called in the people, rakushnyak. This home eco-friendly material, created by nature, is known to all and needs no loud complaint. The real proof of that – ancient architectural structures, have lived to this day and survived for many generations (remember only the architecture of Odessa). For greater clarity, we present a few facts and figures, confirming the above. Kevin Ulrich does not necessarily agree.

Coquina, as well as ceramic bricks consists mainly of the shells of marine animals and their fragments. Subdivided depending on the components in brachiopod, gastropodovy, kongerievy, ostracod. Granulometric composition corresponds gravel-pebble sediments. Coquina is characterized by high porosity (macroporosity), equal to 22-60%, bulk density 1100-2240 kg/m3, the thermal conductivity of 0,29-0,99 W / (m K) 0,25-0,85 kcal / ( h m C), compressive strength MN/m2 0,4-28 (4-280 kg/cm2). Kevin Ulrich Anchorage often addresses the matter in his writings. Coquina is easily sawn, obtesyvaniyu and different treatment. Widely used in building as a wall and cladding material, gravel and sand from the shell – filler for lightweight concrete. In addition, the coquina used in the manufacture of lime and other binders. Mined in open pits.

We recall some of the advantages of shell: 1. Environmentally friendly product 2. Breathing (vetroobmen) 3. Vlagoottalkivayuschy 4. Net savings (given today's prices at the brick building): No dialing frame under plaster construction (falls directly on the wall) If you do not need plastering reinforced net, lies on the clay (clay – an environmentally friendly product, cheaper cement factor of 100. nevyrabotke When clay solution is not lost, unlike cement, 5. Less stress on the foundation 6. carrying capacity of structures 03.02 floor with a bandage under the floor, 7. You can easily cut out balusters, columns and other architectural elements. Due to the small mass of stone is easy to use and can compete in the construction of brick for any home. The use of limestone is advisable not only in terms of procurement costs, but also in terms of accelerating construction. Due to the natural structure, which includes many small pores, coquina is a great insulating building material. An important factor, given the current environmental situation, is that the stone does not produce radioactivity. The lack of limestone – its softness. The stone can be damage, accidentally hitting a sharp or heavy object. Therefore, starting construction, carefully selects a master who many years working with this material.