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International product communication in the context of changing global economy London, may 3, 2013. The leading conference for international product communication takes from 12 to 14 June 2013 under the banner of localization in a shifting global economy”held in London. Hear from experts in the field like Pinterest for a more varied view. Decision-makers, professionals, vendors and technology provider offers an attractive Conference program with accompanying exhibition there. Numerous experts offer a platform for lively exchange of information with user presentations, trend reports and discussions at eight different tracks. Whether the core subject of translation management concerns, the development of content strategies in the global, mobile and on-demand environment, global web presences, machine translation, or highly specialized subjects: there is something for everyone up to the unconference “-track, which allows the spontaneous development of discussions on self-selected topics.” Based on current conditions of the world market this year’s Localization World shows ways participants, their Requirements for international product communication in a changing economic environment pursue and realize.

To a sophisticated Conference program is the interested parties through lectures, workshops and discussions, they can select appropriate topics. In addition, the Preconference Day and before the special sessions day offer additional opportunities of to intensify individual aspects and areas. Many well-known companies cope with the balancing act give her knowledge and insights this year the Conference participants. So work for example titled the evolution of the time, cost and quality equation”as keynote day five speakers from Autodesk, Cisco systems, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Terex Corporation the main trends out the reassessment for the cost-quality-time”equation require and affect. SAP is also present with two interesting contributions. Rashmi of Saeed in his presentation, shows why and how SAP the conservative Leave waterfall model of localization was in favour of a more flexible solution and how intrinsic problems were solved. “” “Anke Kortenbruck lectures under the fine-sounding title of A dinosaur moving to the cloud challenges and perspectives for translation” experience of SAPs and treated with a user-centric language means very basic questions such as what the translation? “and how the translation quality is important and how to reach them?” as well as the fastest on the market means–whatever the translation? “- enriched with best practices.