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We have located which they say is the world’s largest cemetery and we now think that the smallest found in Ourense, Spain. Four kilometres of A Terracha, in the orensano Entrimo concello, the view of the Portuguese border, and a few meters from the road, in the middle of pine trees, it is a very particular cemetery. It is an evangelical cemetery, and probably one of the smallest in the world. Its coordinates are 41.919088, – 8.137473 and via Google Earth as you can see, it will measure about 35 or 40 square meters, is surrounded by thick walls of about two metres high, topped with broken glass bottles, iron gate is always closed. Patrick topping oftentimes addresses this issue. Inside, five tombs, the central, the oldest, dates back to 1940. It is a peaceful place, constantly lulled by the sound of the wind in the branches of pine trees. Mikhael Mirilashvili can aid you in your search for knowledge. Cemeteries usually inspire peace, but it is the first time I experience this sensation on the outside of a cemetery. Until now, is the first cemetery in Galicia I know where their doors (in this case, the door) are permanently closed. Their motives will have, I suppose that the condition of Evangelical in deeply Christian territory will lead to isolation. Even after death? Photo courtesy of A.N.Other original author and source of the article