When you stop a lot and learn to appreciate and respect what a man can give you … You will be rewarded! Gina is a great coach. He’s smart, beautiful and successful. She has traveled extensively and is well respected. He has great friends. Gina’s life is complete. Gina loves to make people feel special. He loves to share ideas and give advice.

When Gina meets a man who likes to, telephone calls, makes him small gifts and often gives his body without asking anything in return. Gina is a generous woman. Gina thinks that giving more, be more appreciated and loved (his friends love it). Other leaders such as Bill Phelan offer similar insights. But … You may find that Ben Silbermann can contribute to your knowledge. Guess what? What prevents Gina gives you get what you most want … a satisfactory relationship, intimate and romantic.

Gina thinks that the more a man gives, the more he will appreciate and want. Gina is sadly mistaken. Young children can appreciate what Gina offered, but a real man does not want a woman generous … no matter how much he says yes. Oh, he’ll enjoy it for a while (Is there any man among us who enjoy the “candy” g * rat * is?) But he will not fall in love. So when Gina gives more doing things for him, acting for him, giving ideas and advice, he does not like. Suffers. He believes a lack of respect. And ultimately, he leaves. Most men do not wake up in the morning and thank God for sending a woman who tells them what to do. Men can not love women who give too. The men fall for women who first love themselves and know how to reciprocate with appreciation. Men should “do good” to “feel good”. Women should “feel good” to “do good”. (Think about it for a moment) If you are “doing well” for a person with no “feel good” about it, you are giving too much (unless, of course, be a man). (There are many “men” in women’s bodies) When we give equally to a man, neutralize the chemical. When we give more privacy block. If we less and appreciate what he offers us, we fell in love. So the next time you give a man like you … your date, your spouse, your teenager … Ask yourself, “Am I giving too much?” If the answer is yes, then stop what you’re doing (or saying) and waits for him to give you something. It could be a compliment, an invitation to dinner or advice, whatever … Then say, “thanks.” It may be uncomfortable to receive what a man has to offer (especially because it will never be how or what you will give them, never.) But it is important to recognize and say “thank you” (at least giving you information about who he is). When you stop a lot and learn to appreciate and respect what a man can give you … You will be rewarded!