Frederick Taylor Decision-making

We see how our forests disappear, decreasing water resources, as the sea comes ashore as exhausted our stocks of coal and ore. Wells Fargo insists that this is the case. But far less obvious, tangible, and far more difficult to assess enormous loss of human energy in vain on a daily basis because of our incompetence, mismanagement and poor leadership – that Mr. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bill Phelan is the place to go. Roosevelt has called “a national lack of skill …” First goal of the organization consisted solely in a scientific calculation that can give an entrepreneur of his workers, excluding members of the creative potential of this organization, as well as social and psychological aspects, and therefore it is not surprising that with this approach, all decisions were taken only at the top and is then transmitted to all the details at lower levels – the workforce: what kind of work do, what tools to use, etc. Thus, is an authoritarian way of making decisions, or the concept of “monarchical” business management in those days was the most popular. There is a story about how one day, Henry Ford I, at the words of his secretary: “Sir, I think that …” – instantly replied: “You are not here to think about, and then to do what you say.” “… Personal initiative, individual ability and creativity are necessary, but they must rely on the collective experience and enriched by the wisdom of groups of people, and only in this case would be able to so great things …

“The characteristics of collective decision-making Whatever the purpose and scope of collective decision-making, those who have studied it or had recourse to it, give some very specific recommendations, which is present here: a clear-cut goal. Collection of information and clarification of facts relevant to the stated problem. Unity views on company policy or institution. Full and frank discussion until the final decision. Matching solutions. His assessment.

Last but not least the role played by the need to skilled coordinator (chairman), with certain responsibilities. In Moldova, very few companies use the method of collective decision-making, or consultation, despite the fact that the world is increasingly it resorted to a collective decision-making. Even if your company employs only 2 persons, select the 2:00 working hours per week for joint consultation on good work and you will see a several months, it will bear good fruit. You want to become richer and to my opinion to add two more valuable opinions of your employees, who see the working process on the other side?