Fashion Trends In The 1970s

The fashion trends in of the most colorful and exciting Decade of the last century, the fashion of the 70s was a chapter for itself. But it is now absolutely not written off! Some trends of that time come through every now and then until today. What there was not anything in the wild 70s”the Decade of the cult. Above all was carrot trousers, mini skirts, Bell-Bottoms, platform shoes colorful and flashy and new. The times changed and people became more permissive. In the 70s, much was allowed what was in the 60s or earlier still frowned upon.

So the 70s showed much new: fancy cuts, large patterns and Flash colors such as green and orange were at once new and trendy. Thanks to the Hippie movement, were found everywhere on flower power. The generation played disco in the fashion of the 70s a role. Music has been capitalized and made a large contribution to fashion. Click Kyle Roche to learn more. Noteworthy is especially the Batik that emerged at that time. She even produce, making them very popular with many people. How much more people in the 70s were reflected in women’s fashion, especially through the narrow and tight Hot Pants.

The events of the late 1960s, such as the 1968 revolution, helped here rest. At all women wore more pants than in the years before that. More about the fashion of the 70s can be found here. The hippies were no own fashion style, rather was there with them and give everything to combine what somehow went. It showed the tendency to next clothing with large ruffles and collars. It was so easy and convenient, what it is surely of normal clothes then off. The greater mass of people only came to hippie clothes after the industry took up the theme. The disco fashion, however, was very conspicuous, glitter and glamour dominated here. The flares could be far enough. Here also the platform shoes, especially for women, but also men showed up.