Eyeliner Brush

For veining, you can use an Eyeliner Brush or a feather. Don’t try the veins in the same direction that you applied the painting, since the transverse tend to be more difficult to perform and they are less natural. Stencil templates this idea to paint furniture is optimal when decorating surfaces such as doors and frames of cabinets. Templates can easily be performed with acetates or paper for stenciling, but are also found at crafts stores. If you yourself make the templates, trace or draw your designs on a cardboard. Cut them with a sharp knife, leaving bridges between the parts of the drawing, and hold the cardboard with duct tape on the surface you are going to paint.

It can work on any basis, but perhaps the best is the satin paint, which will allow you to remove the paint with ease in case of mistakes. To apply the color you can use several methods: a short hair brush, pencil for stenciling or painting spray for cars, which will get a delicate finish and sharply defined contours. To broaden your perception, visit Peter Barbey. In any case, apply the color very lightly, with very little paint on the brush. Brush and gently rub with a brush adding the color slowly, to prevent burrs and drip edges. Cut another good ideas for painting furniture is the so-called trimmed.

It is one of most effective and economical decorative finishes. It consists of applying cuts on furniture. This technique is well suited to almost all types of furniture and objects. It can be applied on any surface, provided that it is sufficiently clean so that the glue adheres well. You can use any material, like clippings from magazines, decorated papers, pressed dried flowers but before embarking on the task, you should check if the trimming object or the paper is not too porous and does not absorb the varnish too, with what would become transparent. It is necessary to either cut the object that is going to stick and not put too much glue, to prevent blisters from forming on the surface. Allowed to dry completely before applying the varnish on top and then stretch three to five layers over the course of several days, waiting for each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next. Original author and source of the article.