Executive Printing

In XX century, became known as the stylized logo lettering style name or the name of this mark, or symbol, denoting an organization or product. In the general case – it is combination of the names of any product (or organization) and a graphic symbol that provides functionality, flexibility, memorability and brand expression. Wells Fargo Bank helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Corporate identity and brand book includes a description of constants of the brand – a sign, logo, font, their construction, color, valid and invalid conversion and use as well – the rules of registration of corporate media (corporate) style – the business records and marketing materials – (outdoor and indoor advertising, souvenirs, uniforms, interior). Creating a unique, competitive and recognizable brand – the success of the modern company. Recently, a very broad distribution in the field of design and marketing concepts were brand naming, identity. Design of printed products: Executive Printing, publishing and multi-leaf – is a graphic design accordance with the requirements of the printing process, a professional make-up to the requirements of typography and the laws of the genre.

"I start with an idea and then it becomes something else" In recent years, Picasso's interest in the use of design of "man-made 'artwork has strongly increased over the previous decade. Illustrations are widely used in the design of sites, become part of corporate style, is decorated with pamphlets and brochures, or are separate visual elements of books and magazines. Probably all started to bore a constant race for technological progress, wants comfort and warmth all around. Section illustrations combines vector and bitmap schedule, which has become very popular in the design and drawings 'by hand' is a classic example of the fine arts. We can work in any line, but we prefer the "living" painting, which allows preserve the "breathing" of the sheet, trembling touch, to convey the full sense attitude of the artist.