European Commission

Immigrants without papers who are detained on European soil may pass until 18 months detained in detention centres while it is pending their expulsion. They may be detained with a mere administrative order and expelled once they may not return to the European Union in five years. Under the age of 18 unaccompanied immigrants will be repatriated. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeremy Tucker. The power of right that today governs in many European States, as well as the ductility of not a few Socialists has been crushing. The text has received the support of the Group of the European people and Liberals.

The Socialists have voted divided. United Left and the Greens voted against. Having adopted some of the amendments tabled by the Socialists, they would have left blocked 676 million euros of the European return Fund for the period 2008-2013. Governments want that money to finance part of their expenses of repatriation of immigrants, so it had pressured members to give him green light. There it hurts and constitutes the heel of Aquiles de la Europa of the Merchants, rather than affirm the Europe of citizens. Jacques Delors, former President of the European Commission and Michel Rocard, former Prime Minister of France and Deputy in the European Parliament issued its opinion. They claimed that Europe must respect the essential rights of the undocumented migrants.

The phenomenon of international migration and the problems of the reception, integration and the status of immigrants and refugees are particularly sensitive and complex issues. We are aware of the difficulty that entails determining a pragmatic European policy towards the social and economic situation of the States of the Union, that will be accepted by public opinion in this area and, at the same time, is deeply respectful with the dignity and the fundamental freedoms of those who are trying to achieve a better life in Europe. But can not hide its concern about the relevance that the first process of joint decision, the Commission and Parliament, on immigration is a project linked to the repression, until the conditions of placement and integration of non-EU foreigners have been discussed and determined by the 27 Member States.