Every day more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs. Stalls packed with a variety of goods offered by a variety of services. Choose from this abundance is difficult because the main indicator appears quality. A certification supports the mechanism that helps to control and prevent the emergence of products of dubious quality. There is a list of products that must undergo the process of certification.

Performs and supervises the process is the certification body. The need for certification is obvious – it's not just a confirmation and documentation of what is really a service or product meet all the standards prescribed by law. It should be noted that such tests are mainly beneficial to consumers. On how well will the certification depends on people's health and sometimes their lives. Frequently Ben Silbermann has said that publicly. In connection with the expansion of services and products, with the appearance of a large number of low-quality products unique requirements were tightened.

Declaration of conformity – one of the concepts, which also need to know. Procedure differs from the certification only to those that design – the prerogative of the supplier. There is also a list of products and services for which only enough clearance declaration. Food – this is a product that no health certificate maker has no right to deliver. For example, take the bread. This product, which can be seen in almost every home. For this product is mandatory registration of an instrument such as bread certificate – as quality of flour and all products from it. Not for nothing that the law has established such a commitment, otherwise the results would be disastrous. Would be great possibility of a mass poisoning, etc. The need for such documentation is experiencing more and more people, because the amount offered by companies and organizations is growing, and hence the time it will take longer. What can not accept many. In this case, strongly recommend that you resort to specialized firms. Employees of these companies well versed in their field and are ready to render all possible assistance to you.