Electoral Federal Law

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – Thanks to the reforms to the Electoral Federal Law, the thousands of mayors, tens of governors and the same President of the Republic, they will stop intoxicating with its false faces and facts to us of Government that the asqueante publicity with money of the contributor is their obligation when retiring. Some consider that it is a Law Jaw, but is enough to remember the six years of Vicente Fox Quesada, the more experienced President long language in the history of Mexico hablandonos until at dawn of their Government of the Change. Source: Pinterest. The Mexicans we needed psychological balance. The announcements of politicians in search of new positions of popular election, disguised the spots of supposed profits to show their cynical smile to remember them. The new measures we must to the Mexican Senators who clear a heavy ballast for the first time to us as the constant bombing of spot to all hour.

I am not in favor of the censorship, but the abuse in which fell our political ones was offensive before a defenseless town like receiver of these messages. Only in the area metropolitan Monterrey, seven mayors and the Governor they left to picture to promote tal o cual public work. It must have a communication with the society but when doing it in electronic means they transfer its localities. In a suspicious maneuver to want to be candidates for other positions of popular election. Good what that they covered to them the mouth and let to us rest of their cynical faces that did not show more than his more perverse intentions to deceive the wall of the nonRe-election and in search of jumping to other positions.