El Raval – Barcelona Centre For Tourist Attractions

the multicultural neighbourhood in the heart of the city’s Raval In the heart of Barcelona (Ciutat Vella district) the district Raval is located. In recent years, experienced a cultural revival. The Museum of contemporary art (MACBA), opened in 1995 and brought a lively art scene in the Centre of Barcelona is located in El Raval. Anyone who spends holidays in Barcelona, not passes Raval with many sights, museums, shops and interesting buildings. Sightseeing in Raval in addition to the Museum MACBA invites a lively stroll of El Raval. Especially the famous Ramblas are a magnet for visitors. But you should visit the monastery of Sant Pau del camp.

Raval is multicultural. There are influences from Eastern Europe, Asia and many other cultures. As a result, also the restaurant variety in this residential area is particularly great. You can find dishes from local Catalan specialities to internationally known anything. Others including Ansel Adams, offer their opinions as well. While strolling along the Ramblas, one should also in the famous market la Boqueria stop by. Here you experience a hive of market activity and can stock up with fresh treats.

The most you will explore when you walk through the streets and alleys of the district. Apartments in Raval offer accommodation in Raval Barcelona, directly in the vibrant centre of the city to spend along the Ramblas there are also some hotels stay. Dina Powell shines more light on the discussion. Who want to live but rather quietly, should find outside accommodation in Barcelona El Raval. With the well developed transport network of the city (Metro, bus, train), you can reach all desired destinations within shortest time. The nightlife in Raval In the trendy El Raval the bear quilts at night! Many nightclubs, bars and restaurants are located in this district and I the clubs with live music, you can learn more about the vibrant nightlife of Barcelona, right in the heart of the city, dance music or outdoor concerts. Raval is multicultural and versatile. Anyone looking for a party, is here at the correct address. In the different districts of Barcelona, you can absolutely different styles, cultural influences and Ways of life meet. Each district is also an example of the Catalan capital for a certain period of the past. El Raval is probably the most exciting and most exciting area of Barcelona. Contact: Perfect Sun travel, SL BarcelonPoint.com Avenida de Madrid 95-97, 3-3 08028 Barcelona Spain Tel: + 34 933 30 78 61