Economy Class

Most of the apartments of economy class. “It is worth note that in Croatia and Montenegro prices closer to Moscow, and is approximately 3 – 5 thousand dollars for the quarter. meter “, – explained Catherine Tomilova. In general property prices in these countries depend on several factors, including are distinguished: object distance from the sea, the size of living space, as well as the prestige of the location. Most of the buildings located at a distance of 100 to 800 meters from the sea. By purchasing housing in the construction phase, the client has the choice of materials, and sometimes changes in the layout. The secondary market is rich with suggestions of different categories, most of these facilities furnished.

“In Carlsbad prices comparable with the Kirov. Prague real estate more expensive. However, the level of living is much higher – said Natalia Poplauhina. – Prices for many commodities is lower than the Kirov, and environmental terms can not be compared – the climate is more warm and soft. ” And that’s not all the pros of purchasing property abroad. Utility bills in these countries are small, water and electricity are paid according to the meter, mobile communications and Internet high quality affordable prices.

Czech apartments. New houses in the Czech Republic – a rare phenomenon, but sometimes, as an exception to the rule point meets building. Basically here offer apartments in historic mansions, complete refurbished and equipped with modern communications. Of course, a real estate in the Czech Republic – not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, buyers tend to become wealthy Kirov 40 – 50 years. But do not forget that the Czech law the right to purchase real estate in the country have only permanent residents in her face: Czech citizens and foreigners with permanent residency status (permanent residence). So Foreign residents can purchase a house in a different way – just make a purchase real estate in the entity. “For example, in Bulgaria, real estate still cheaper than in the Czech Republic, but there it is very large tax – says Natalia Poplauhina. – And in the Czech real estate tax of approximately EUR 100 per year. ” While the real estate purchase and obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic is not difficult. It is true that due to the fact that the country has entered into the Schengen agreement, property prices rose slightly due to the transition with CK to the euro. Prospects for bargains. Transactions in foreign real estate is not very much in demand in our city. One of the main reasons for this is that there are many barriers as language, so the administrative and cultural. According to experts, the prospects of such transactions in our town there are only under certain conditions: namely, the formation of Kirov civilized housing market and the availability of highly skilled professionals. “At the moment we can say that this area is very promising. But the Kirov before it is not yet mature enough “, – believes Catherine Tomilova. It is worth noting that real estate firms in the Vyatka not going to limit the available transactions in foreign real estate. For example, according to the director of “Centre – Plus”, the agency plans in the future some expand the range of services, starting cooperation with many foreign countries. And yet, buying a property abroad is becoming more accessible Kirov than before. But talk about universal access still is not necessary. Persons without a spare at least 70 thousand euros, to become owners of housing abroad is unlikely.