Summary critical-text: The limits of the development (Walter Carlos) and Development, space and supports (Street Joo) the texts have as main points the quarrel of the limits, space and support of the global development and its consequences for humanity, such process was fruit of the effective politics, come from internal wars of the regimen of the capitalist system the social segment that interests is the bourgeoisie and its thought as new society, this new form to think unifies the globe, opening the doors for investments in the world-wide market thus surpassing the limits traditionally represented by the national borders. With globalization the great companies had acquired such power of mobility, reduction of man power and capacity of negotiation, having been able to dislocate its plants for any place where they pay the lesser wages, the lesser taxes and receive the biggest incentives that as much the society as the State if had become its hostages, submitting both, to its interests and its exclusive benefit. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Wells Fargo Bank. The instrument of plea is the progress as moral weapon and later politics, where history is mentally ill, its citizen is humanity and its victim is the environment, what more she interests in its thought is the necessity of the social pact enters the citizens resigning its freedom to the sovereign. The global system protects its annihilators, the wolves with skin of lambs. The conception of social, critical, rational, operating and independent man modern as subject, reaches to the institutions, promoting the educational reformularization, whose educational laicizao and the pedagogical rationalism is resultant of metamorphoses and originaes of the intellectuality and of its cultural models, breaking up the individuals with intention to produce each time more to generate capital more, passing dominating the worker and not more the work conditions as the manufacture happened in, giving the illusion of that does not have exploration some, therefore the workers if they inside feel of the system capitalist free, therefore these they do not need a whip to be submitted and it to deliver its work is equivalent and therefore she is just.

For the capitalism it does not import the impact that such progress causes for humanity and yes the profit that anger to get. It does not matter that countries of the third world if two countries of the first world became hostages (example? United States), had its great technological power and do not interest the same to limit if the development, to take care of the necessities of the countries of third world. The great question of the development is the social inaquality and the manipulation of the mass by means of the persuation (the culture is one of them). Giving to the mass the fetichismo of freedom but, in the truth, they enslave the people to the espontaneidade of social and natural processes. This globalizante nostalgia is far from being harmless, therefore it has a great imobilizadora force and launches a smoke curtain on what she is really happening with the planet. Fitting we educators to recoup, through our pupils the hope in the future, therefore modern world-wide system meets in frank degeneration. Therefore and of utmost importance that think the future and in them we anticipate it. As it points Bauman, it does not have individual solution for collective problems and if we want to construct another world, and it is not only necessary, but also it is a collective effort, we will have that to continue this historical fight for the critical education. It is the contribution that we can and we must give at this moment.