Consumer Marketing

In world practice, marketing, market segmentation of consumers exposed to the social and demographic characteristics such as gender, age, income, education, etc. According to the latest data does not reveal such a tactic individual characteristics of each psychological type, and can only assume the individual's behavior in the selection of goods. For more detailed segmentation was developed by a special classification. It is based on the choice of life priorities of the consumer and includes six main categories of psychological types. This psycho is hedonistic to polucheiyu prosth fun things he loves life.

This category is very sensitive to taste, to love and passion. They do not not allow anyone to interfere with getting the most out of life, appreciate the money and freedom. Able to spontaneous purchases, feel the discomfort in the absence of Finance. They live to eat, but it does not turn on. In food love novelty and variety, like to cook with all the attributes, consider themselves gourmets. Obsessed with food, even the dream of opening his own restaurant.

Readily uchuvstvuyut in promotions with gifts for the purchase, they can "buy" striking an unusual design. For video advertising designed to better adhere to the hedonists humorous slant. Independent Self-loving type of people do not depend on the circumstances, is in first place self-realization, is highly developed cognitive activity. Strategichno pick up the goods, picky, economical, low loyalty to the place of purchase. Food consumption related to the satisfaction of physiological needs. Unpretentious food, prefer the "fast food" or they may be artificially speed up the cooking process.