Choosing A Children

Pamper your baby can have the bike from the moment he starts to walk. For this fit tricycles with a rigidly fixed pedals on the front wheel, which will initially carry decorative function. Carrie Levin is often quoted on this topic. But as they grow older restless, he will try and twist them himself. Seat of the bicycle must be either a fluted or with rubber patches, that the child does not slip off it. For security manufacturers equip bikes with safety belts or handles constraints.

Necessarily the presence of a wide running boards and steps ahead, so legs do not fall into the wheel. It is also important and additional accessories that will facilitate your walk: Visor protects from sun, baskets free you from the burden of toys, musical entertain Shrimp panel, handle control the bike, etc. The main wheel has a size of 8.12 dyuymov.Dlya age of 3-7 years of bike is needed is more serious. In such models, two-wheel drive, plus two wheel are removable. Promotes the development of a sense of balance, correct posture, movement coordination and concentration. When a child learn to keep a balance, the wheels can be removed. The diameter of the big wheels in the range of 14-20 dyuymov.Dalee should choose a bike that is in the teen category for 8-12 year olds, wheel diameter 24 inches. This thumbnails of these mountain bikes, which will be rolled, not only in adult models dvore.Ot children's bikes are different weights, size of wheels and frames, the presence of additional accessories and fun images.