Cash Execution

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. Jean-Pierre Garnier has many thoughts on the issue. William George Ward Ante situation extreme, many complain of incomprehension that suffer by that have been in a situation that has no possible defense; others simply hope better winds and be the Bank, or a third party who will stay with housing; There are even that leave your home to distant destinations waiting for the time to cure the effects of the judicial claim. However, Mediatoris, recommended adjusting the sails, adapted to the situation and avail themselves of the rights that have affected the running cash and mortgage, referred to in the legislation in force the law 1/2000 Civil procedure law. For this you must have experts who help you to negotiate before the financial institution. How much will I cost? It depends on what you need. However, we guarantee professional intervention, far from cost you money, save you money before its creditor or creditors in the present moment and prevent last over time.

Pay before you start the procedure if you pay on the spot of the requirement or before entry of the execution, will be the sum of money available to the performer, will be delivered to the executed proof of payment made and, where appropriate, is will terminate execution thus avoiding the judicial sale of the property.Although I pay on the spot of the requirement, shall charge all costs caused, although it can justify that, because that is not attributable to him, could not make the payment before the creditor promote the implementation. Negotiate the form of realization of goods you can ask the Court to convene a hearing in order to agree the most effective embodiment of the property against which performance targets. To this formula it is known as the Convention of realization. This formula can include the negotiation of a conveyance of the property in payment of the debt, but other aspects, searching for the reconciliation of interests between you and the financial institution can include.