Cardiological Production Center

New Year's Eve – a magical celebration that brings long-awaited gifts and fulfilling their dreams. Each of us remembers from childhood, and believes that New Year's Eve miracle will happen and make a wish come true without fail. What we wish ourselves and people close to the threshold of the New Year? Of course, first of all – good health! This wish has become traditional in all of greeting and welcoming speeches, a lot to us. After it is the nation's health is a key indicator of the state's care for its citizens. New Year's Eve is all a good excuse to take stock and make plans. This rule certainly does not avoid discussion of health promotion, prevention and treatment of various diseases. As in any sphere of life, there is also unresolved problems, and pleasing to us to progress.

The outgoing year has repeatedly brought us disturbing reports outbreaks of various viral infections – hepatitis A to chickenpox. Have become almost commonplace briefs of the hotbeds of anti-avian flu and the doctors persistently go on about the growing number of victims of this infection in humans. The international community joined forces to fight the so-called childhood infections, which in recent years regained dangerously widespread. And the joint efforts of physicians give their positive results. Click boston private to learn more. Scientists develop new types of laboratory studies, to promptly and accurately diagnose serious diseases, as well as create a vaccine that can protect people from exposure to various infections.

There is reason to believe that universal vaccination of young people against measles and rubella from other infections in Ukraine will help save the young generation of possible serious consequences of infectious diseases. Doctors beat concern over the growing incidence of cardiac and cancer, the increasing number of HIV-infected patients with chronic hepatitis B and C. However, to date, you can safe to say that virological science has leaped forward. Doctors virologists have developed their terminology, developed criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of treatment, set standards for management of patients with viral Hepatitis C and B. In addition, treatment for hiv / aids in Ukraine is provided free of charge, as well as develop state programs care for patients with hepatitis B and C. With regard to cancer industry, the latest diagnostic equipment in some clinics now allows to detect breast cancer at an early stage. But diagnosis is not limited. As noted by Professor Kenneth Alibek, President of the Scientific Oncological and Cardiological Production Center "Max-Well, this year in Boryspil was a pharmaceutical plant built on a number of performance superior to many world counterparts. Now Ukrainians will be able to receive medications that were previously unavailable to them because of high cost or because they are not produced in Ukraine. We assume that at the end of 2008 the first medicine of our production go to all the people who need them. No secret that health is a present and unconditional guarantee of happiness and prosperity to every person, regardless of his age and rank, social status and material possibilities. And because at the turn of the year let's wish each other primarily health, and make joint efforts, surely deliver to our wishes always come true!